Neighborly Reminders

The following are some neighborly reminders of items we continue to log from calls to the community manager. Neighborhood Traffic Safety In addition to adhering to the following, please also talk to and remind your teen drivers of the same: Posted speed and stop signs should be strictly observed at all times. Do not pass school buses. Take extra care when passing street-parked vehicles, as

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Sunset Oaks Pool Is Not HOA-Owned Or Managed

Because we have many new Sunset Oaks families this year, it’s worth reminding everyone that the Sunset Oaks pool and surrounding property at 100 Marsh Landing Drive (shown highlighted above) are not owned or managed by the Sunset Oaks HOA. The HOA board and William Douglas Management Company will not be able to assist you regarding issues with the pool, clubhouse, parking lot, dumpsters, playground,

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Optimist Farm & Pierce Olive Landscape Needs Addressed

In mid-July, severely distressed and dead plantings within the right-of-way buffers along Optimist Farm and Pierce Olive Roads were removed. These shrubs, and one large evergreen tree, were casualties of this past harsh winter and never made a comeback before entering the heat of the summer. We wish resolution of the removal had taken place sooner and apologize that it didn’t, but we’re glad to

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