Realtor Information

We’ve put together the following resource materials for real estate agents who are selling homes in Sunset Oaks. If you are an agent and have questions about Sunset Oaks or the information below, please send an email to

Realtor Information for Sunset Oaks

  • Maps
  • Homeowners Assessments/Dues
    • As of 2019, the current annual homeowners assessment (or annual dues) is $232 for all homes, plus an additional $127 annual alley assessment for homes served by a private alleyway.
    • These assessments support the maintenance and landscaping of over 26 acres of common area, a swing park, 4 entrance monuments, fencing, arbors, right-of-way buffers along Optimist Farm and Pierce Olive Roads, and the maintenance of private alleyways. Dues also cover community relations, compliance and architectural review enforcement, and contracted property management services—including a dedicated community manager.
  • Governing Documents